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About JuicyGroove

Juicygroove Limited was formed in 1998 as a vehicle for creating a successful music enterprise that will fully exploit the talents of the founders in the entertainment world. 

Aims and Objectives
Using the knowledge of the industry and management skills as a firm foundation, we at Juicygroove Limited aim to: 

  • Establish a world class musical venture that embodies the values of creativity, innovation and enterprise.
  • Launch our flagship artiste Sabina Umeh-Akamune onto the world stage, in alliance with a major record label that has the clout and market reach to do justice to her significant talents.
  • Continually add to the existing catalog of original material, and establish the publishing arm in order to make the most of the immense creative potential available to Juicygroove.  
  • Use the very best in talent and technology to produce high quality musical offerings that can be licensed to established players for great ROI overall.
  •  Use our labels to find, develop and nurture new talent for release unto the world market in alliance with the major record labels. 
  • Establish a unique and distinct musical style that will use and expose the under-exploited "world music" genre to the vast mainstream audience.
  • Develop an excellent brand image that will identify and differentiate us from the competition globally.

Investment and Funding
At this stage, we are actively looking for venture/seed funding or investment capital to help us realize our goal of becoming a musical tour de force in the world of entertainment. 

The company profile and corporate structure can be found at the business activity layout page. The various facets of Juicygroove businesses are outlined here.

The Juicygroove business plan outlines in great detail the targets and time frames for achieving our aims and can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to investment@juicygroove.com.  An Executive Summary is available online by clicking on any of the following links. 

The Founders
Have over thirty years combined experience in the entertainment world. They have  worked together and made steady progress, over several years, towards achieving their goals. Click on the following link for a profile of the founders: JC, Gerry and Sabina.

Juicygroove Limited is based in London, England, and has operations in Atlanta, Georgia and Lagos, Nigeria

Other locations, due to come online, include: Cape Town in South Africa, New York and San Francisco (Bay Area) in the USA.

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