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Gerry & The Look

Gerry is a musician, singer and songwriter from Limerick (sic) in Ireland. Gerry has been in the music scene from the age of 16 starting out as a guitarist for a five piece band formed by himself and his two brothers.

After gaining experience with this group for over two years, Gerry moved on to form his own pop/rock band called "Deep End", and with them he developed his hitherto unrecognized talent and passion for songwriting. He hasn't looked back ever since.

Based in London, Gerry has been writing and producing songs and music for a while now and he has created a compilation of his unique style. He is currently involved in the Sabina-Umeh-Akamune project as general manager and co-coordinator.

The writing and production team of the Sabina-Umeh-Akamune project are positive that this act will be the spring board of international acclaim and recognition. 

It will also herald the flagship offering of the Juicygroove label.


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