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Business Modules


Juicygroove Limited is made up of various business modules as shown in the diagram above.

Juicygroove Limited follows a strict policy of "projectisation", whereby all activities, including the business modules themselves, are undertaken as projects. All third party input and contributions such as; advice and consultancy, investment/funding, and partnerships/affiliations are sought and engaged on a project basis. This makes it easier to measure and evaluate the impact of that contribution, and to calculate any returns due as a result.

Projects that we are currently engaged in include:

  • Business Plan and Operating Strategy formulation.
  • Debut Single & Video production and release for Sabina Umeh-Akamune.
  • Overall Funding and Investment drive.
  • Start-up activities for the Label, Management and Publishing Modules.

Juicygroove record Labels:
The record label shall serve as the means of administering the artistes that are signed to Juicygroove. We have so far registered two record labels: JuicyGroove and Afrogenic. The former label will deal with mainstream music worldwide, and the latter shall be devoted to the Afrogenic identity and deal with developing musical talent from Africa.

Juicygroove Management:
Established to manage, in-house, some of the artistes and acts that are signed to the label. It will also manage other promising talent that may be signed to other labels by themselves or via Juicygroove. 

Juicygroove Publishing:
This is aimed at exploiting our material and that of the artistes signed to the label, by licensing, selling and Synchronization. Also specific work will be undertaken to create music for other media e.g. Film, TV and Video Games etc. 

Juicygroove Production:
Will provide production talent for our artistes or for other established acts that wish to incorporate the Juicygroove flavour. The production team will operate on a project basis to co-produce our materials.

Juicygroove Record Shops (Proposed):
Future sales channel for our products, and will serve physically as a corporate point of presence. The record shop will complement our online sales channels on the various Juicygroove and affiliate websites. It will also serve as a venue for promotional activities such as album launches, talent scouting competitions and even merchandising product placement

Juicygroove Promotions (Proposed):
This will handle future live events and showcases organized by Juicygroove. These activities shall provide opportunities for product placement, brand building, sales and marketing as well as promoting our new and established acts. 

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