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Vad is a "brand new" artist working on the release of his first English Single. Some of his tracks such as "Uptight (Everything's alright)" by Stevie Wonder, showcase his amazing potential. Vad has worked with such producers as JD Braithwaite and Y2K Productions.

Vad was born in kamachatka Russia, and grew up in St. Petersburg, until a few years ago when he moved to London. His artistic background and experience are considerable - his mom was a professional singer in Russia, and his father is the manager of the "St. Petersburg Konzert".

Vad attended to the St. Petersburg Music College and was a bassoonist in the Artist Orchestra based in the Music College itself. He is a complete artist on every aspect. He plays piano and bassoon and also writes and arranges music. Vad wrote, produced and arranged 35 tracks, 7 of those for various solo artists. 

Vad's  voice and singing is his real amazing gift. In one year he placed 3rd place at the "Yalta-Moscow Transit" singers competition, and 2nd place in the "Hit 93" and won "Slavianski Bazaar" competition for young singer in Russia. All three shows were broadcast by the Russian national television.

In London, Vad presents the Russian version of PESPI CHART for the satellite TV channel NTV-PIus, and also performs in clubs with a group called Boogie Nights

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