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Juicygroove is actively engaged in joint projects with various partners to provide value added services to customers. Some of our services include:

Music Production
Our production team of seasoned professionals allied with our partnership with one of Europe's leading Re-mixer and keyboard maestro means we can deliver to a very high standard every time. We undertake projects from single tracks to complete albums, with co-production and re-mixes done to order. Contact us at production@juicygroove.com for more information.

Songwriting Services
Good lyricists and songwriters are hard to find, but Juicygroove's writing talent are strong and deeply committed to creating songs that are outstanding and soulful. Styles we cater for include: PopR&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, New Soul and any kind of Ballad. For more information on this service contact us by sending e-mail to: songs@juicygroove.com

Juicygroove Artiste Management Services (JAMS)
Are you looking to make a break into showbiz? The foremost requirement, even before talent, is good management! Juicygroove Artiste Management Services, (JAMS), is comprised of seasoned professionals with strong links to the industry. We provide a first class professional service every time. Contact us at: management@juicygroove.com for more information.

Voice training and Singing technique
In association with Singersurgery.com, we can provide voice training and vocal technique coaching for the professional and semi-professional singer. Send us your recorded singing and speaking voice, and we can produce a voice analysis for you that will point out the areas for improvement and suggest suitable styles for your particular talent. Contact us at singersurgery@juicygroove.com for more information and a large discount.

Talent Discovery (A&R Services)
In addition to a powerful core of artistes on Juicygroove, we also have a access to a deep well of undiscovered talent that can be brought to fill your need for that fresh new group/act at very short notice. Send your requirements to us at talent@juicygroove.com and we shall do the rest. 

Costume Design
In association with kesejabari.com fashions, Juicygroove can provide your artistes and dancers with original designs and outstanding costumes made to order for that distinctive performance appeal. Drop a line to us at costumes@juicygroove.com and await the magic!

Artiste's Hair and Makeup
Juicygroove's in-house hair and make-up talent can be engaged, at very competitive rates, for your artiste's performance or PA. Also we have connections with some of the premier hair and make-up talents in the industry ranging from TV and movie specialists to fashion models and beauty queens. We have something for everyone. Contact makeup@juicygroove.com for more information.

Juicygroove in association with theklubman.com can offer promotional services for your artistes in the European Union and worldwide. Contact us at promotions@juicygroove.com for more information and special discounts.

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